About Us

HUTN, Inc. (the “Company”) is a non-operating holding company whose subsidiaries provide B2C internet services. HUTN Group Inc. (“Group”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, is an operating holding company that owns several subsidiaries that sell branded products and services. Group provides a range of administrative services to its subsidiaries. All of the subsidiaries sell and distribute their products and services to consumers through the internet. This business to consumer (“B2C”) internet model enables us to customize our products and services to improve consumer satisfaction. Below is a chart that illustrates our corporate structure.

  • EF Hutton Investments LLC (“EF Hutton“) is an SEC-registered investment advisor offering investment services to individuals.  Offering financial products such as the “no commission” investments and “no commission” online trade execution services. EF Hutton offers traditional investment accounts as well as specialized investment accounts such as 529 Plan, IRA and 401-K accounts.


  • Megga, Inc., is to provide social network and related internet services. meggalife™ is Megga, Inc.’s internet platform that links users to a wide range of consumer internet services. meggalife™ is different from the traditional internet model because it directs 100% of advertising revenue, net of expenses, to Megga Trust, an independent entity that is overseen by independent third-party trustees, that benefits users. We believe that this model is compelling to users who have typically received no financial gain and despite their devoting hundreds of hours, on average, per year to internet activities. meggalife™ users start earning points when they join an affiliated non-profit investment club, the Beanstalk Club, which uses crowdsourcing of its members’ preferences to inform the Megga Trust’s investing decisions.


  • Vibrant Mobility, Inc. (“Vibrant”), is to provide mobile communications services. Vibrant has developed a set of proprietary mobile plan features for subscribers that it bundles together with communication services of its telecommunications business partners. It markets its mobile plans through affiliates.


  • Vyral Media Inc. (“Vyral”), is to provide digital media products and services.